Alexei Bochenek

Narrative Director / Writer

"I was excited to learn about a TV show pitch created at Psyop called 'Camp Whupiwitchi,' a decidedly retro looking animated series about being a kid who feels like an outsider, until they stumble over the true meaning of friendship at summer camp. I was so enamored that I pitched developing the idea into a branching narrative game, and then got the go-ahead by telling everyone that it would be super easy and only take a few months. A year later, I have been proven a liar and a fool, but a persistent and passionate one.

In the past, my lifelong obsession with video games was only temporarily interrupted by getting a degree in English Literature. With this project, I'm happy to unite my love of the written word with my incurable addiction to the glow of an electric screen."

Alexei's Twitter | Instagram

Kelly Shay

Creative Director

"I am a lover of stories, both fiction and non-fiction, a sculptor of toys, maquettes, and prosthetics, and most of all, someone who enjoys making all sorts of things with my hands, eyes, and brain. 

Be it a deep conversation with someone I just met, a downpour that starts just as I’m walking to the car, an evening of smiley cuddles with cats and tea, or missing the turn I was supposed to take and finding a hidden ice cream joint, I take comfort in the vastness of the amount of things out there to experience, finding inspiration and pleasure in the predictable and unpredictable details. I have a curiosity for things I hope to never shake.

I now happily call Los Angeles my home, where I work at DreamWorks Feature Animation as a Character FX Artist. "


Amy Martz


"I grew up surrounded by white board walls, huge post-its, splashes of color across the table, and an admiration for exposed brick architecture. I grew up an advertiser's daughter. 

This adoration for the art that is advertising and production has been with me my entire life. I have made a hobby out of ad watching, analyzing, and collecting. 

My passions? Pursuing perfection. Making beautiful things. Helping others realize their creative vision. Connecting the dots to balance the demands of craft, budget, time and change.

No matter what I do, I want to do it with conviction, understanding, and a personal drive that inspires and kicks some serious ass."

Amy's Website

Amanda Miller

Executive Producer

Amanda hasn't delivered a bio yet, because she is too busy running Psyop's original content creation effort, appropriately named Psyop Originals. It takes a lot of work to develop original intellectual properties, so I am going to give her a pass... for now.


Charlie Volpe

Lead Developer

"I would have called myself an artist at one point in my life but one day I realized my brain didn't really work that way. I am more of a left-brained person. Once I embraced that fact I began down a path that lead me to where I am today, an engineer!

I am Charlie Volpe. I have been working hard to create a system to bring this game to life. I am so excited to see where it has come and proud of all the hard work the entire team has put in to make it a reality."

Charlie's Website | Twitter

Margaret Spencer

Character & Background Artist

Margaret is another team member too busy to submit a bio. She is close to finishing up her time attending USC where she is in the animation program, and then she heads off to Walt Disney Animation Studios where she will be a story intern for the summer. Margaret is, apparently, kind of a big deal.

Margaret did a large majority of the art in this game, so you can count on her to get art created on time, just not words put into sentences, apparently.

Margaret's Website | Instagram | Twitter


Julia Iredale

Grimoire Design & Illustration

Julia Iredale is an artist from Vancouver, BC.  She earned a bachelors degree in Illustration from Emily Carr University in 2015, and now works as a freelance illustrator for clients around the world. Her work is informed by her love of mythology, dark fantasy, and human psychology, weaving these together to create beautiful, mysterious characters and worlds.

Julia's Website | Instagram

(Editor's note: Julia's work isn't super prominent on this website promoting Camp W because the illustrations she created are largely used as rewards for playing the actual game. We don't want to spoil the best bits, you know? That being said, they are *gorgeous* illustrations, and we were extremely lucky to have her help with this game. - Alexei)

James Trujillo

Character Artist

James C Trujillo is a Senior Production Artist working out of the San Francisco Bay Area where he was born and raised. He has degrees in Illustration and animation, both from the California College of the Arts, which have developed a fondness for good story telling and meaningful visuals. He is happiest while working on storyboards, visual development, and making animatics. These days, when James is not at work you can usually find him sketching in cafes, car camping, going to local shows, or pondering the bigger questions in life, like whether or not aliens have an appreciation for boba milk tea.



Stephanie Stromenger

Additional Illustration, Design & Animation

"Hi, you can call me Steph! I'm an LA based illustrator and designer with a passion for environments and characters. I graduated from SCAD with a BFA in Sequential Art, June 2017. I love using saturated, poppy colors, and I usually like to explore a lot of different styles/techniques and subject matter. I've always been inspired by animation, whether it be Disney films or anime (among my favorites is Bleach)! My biggest inspirations right now are Eric Pautz, Eusong Lee, and Kevin Dart. When I'm not doing the art thing, I love traveling, exploring new restaurants in LA, attempting to pick up every cat I meet, and playing video games (my current favorite being Assassin's Creed Origins and Splatoon 2). "

Stephanie's Website | Instagram | Twitter

Joyce Ha

Additional Illustration & Design

"My mother told me my sister and I experience fire in different ways. My sister carefully observes its movement from a distance, cautious of its heat, and far from its ashes. As for me, no matter how high the flames burn I choose to run into the fire. Aware of its consequences, yet unafraid of the obstacles and failures that await me. I want to know all of it. How the thick blanket of its bitter scent chokes me. How its hot glowing body dances around mine. I want to know how it looks from the inside and come out with its story.

I work primarily in, but not limited to, motion graphics, cel animation, and illustration. My name is Joyce Ha and I am a multidisciplinary designer based in Los Angeles, California and received my BFA from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California."

Joyce's Website | Instagram


Devon Manney

Additional Illustration & Design

“Hey there! I’m Devon, and I’m excited to have played a teeeeeny tiny part in this incredible project! I’ve always been attracted to stories with a lot of heart and an emphasis on great characters, and Camp W is an embarrassment of riches in both.

I graduated from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts with an BA in Animation in 2017, and am currently working as a freelance artist/animator in Los Angeles.”

Devon's Website | Instagram


Vince Stimpson

Lighting & VFX


"My name is Vince, some people call me Vinny. I helped craft some of the effects in Camp W. Usually I don't get to play around with magic spells but I guess that's what summer camp is all about."

(Editor's note: I've never heard anyone call him Vinny - Alexei)
This is by no means everyone who contributed to Camp W. Produced at Psyop, Camp W has benefited from the help of several more talented folks who have pitched in be offering us access to their personal expertise, for however long we could get their attention.